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I am what I am. And I do what I do.

But after over 20 years in professional work environments…

What is it I am really good at?

This is the question I continually ask myself now that I am over 40.

I have never succeeded in starting a “real career”, in choosing a “proper profession”. 

As long as I can remember, I have always been curious, always said yes to new challenges and dived into adventures. 

If you´re looking for a common thread, I have been working in film for most of that time. 

As a writer, director, producer, editor, dop, photographer and actor.

But I also teach in schools, and universities. I have founded and run cultural organisations, organised and curated exhibitions, parties, festivals and other social and political gatherings. I have written and published two books, I ran my own restaurant and I live on and operate a converted farm, offering accommodations and event spaces.

But none of those things has turned out to be my sole passion. 

So the question remains - what is it that I actually do? What keeps my fire burning?  


Life, love and friendship. That is the power source for my ever roaring engine.


If I look back at my life, that is the real common theme of everything I have done and everything I love doing. Life, love and friendship.

I love doing things with people. Party, travel, meeting people, connecting people, living an adventurous life. And I truly believe in the journey being the goal. The production is at least as important as the product.

That is what you will get from me, no matter how we collaborate. Something real. Something that is about the moment, the experience and not a means to meet the end. 

The product will be successful so long as the path leading to it, and the people working on it are real.

If that is your goal, then we should work together. But I will be needing your trust and commitment to make it happen.

Realness can never be fully controlled, it has to happen.

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